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organizational structure The team is the most essential to create vitality of the brand
苏建直面对注册的深入研究和标新立异,面对的加盟品牌注册与专业课程团对扶植,开战诸法化注册、通明化赏罚、轨制化销售的注册基本原则,并将出众的员工本质上奉为各个企业成的中心点其实,面对招引别出心裁血细胞,面对教育培养人材。凭仗国外化的注册培顺模式和相信有化的人材共识机制,具备有了一大批老中青合理搭配技巧、专业课程厨艺丰美、热中创造、克意朝进取步的厨艺基部与销售专业课程团对,为苏建建设了长足的的加盟品牌钱财力。 Sujian always stresses deepening and innovation of management as well as brand management and team construction, and sticks to the management concepts of humanistic management,transparent awards and punishment and systematic operation.Beside,it takes quality of execllent staff as the core foundation of enterprise development, and stresses cultivating talents. Depending on international management and training system and scientific talent mechanism,it boasts a technical backbone and operation team which consists of porper number of young, middle-aged and senior employees who have rich professional skills,and are fond of expansion,and forge ahead voluntarily, providing sujan with continious vitality of the brand.

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